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MyList Gift Registry Benefits


With hundreds of top brands and thousands of products, the scope of choosing variety of gifts is endless! You and your friends will appreciate the gifts for the years to come. From adding home goods, adventure & experiences and/or cash funds to contribute to your honeymoon – the options are unlimited!

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No registration fees, no shipping fees, no bank fees, no service or any hidden charges. MyList gift registry platform is absolutely free for both you and your guests!


Need assistance? Each of our clients gets a dedicated personal Gift Advisor without any additional charges, to help you and your guests with everything! From setting-up your registry to going in store to purchasing your gifts, your personal Gift Advisor is just an email and/or phone call away.


No more lifeless registry pages! With MyList you can create a fully customized and imaginative page to match your own personal style. You can blow soul to your page with a beautiful banner, message to guests and your custom registry URL.


Look no further, whatever the occasion we have the gifts to suit every celebration from weddings to baby shower and everything in between. Whether they be draduation, Eid, birthday, Christmas, Diwali, farewell party, engagement, anniversary, thank you, and/or house-warming: your imagination has no limit with gift and occasion to celebrate!

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The easiest way to organize a luxurious dream gift is to invite your friends to chip in! Multiple guests can contribute cash towards any item on your list.


Change your mind anytime – no pressure! Access and manage your gift list from anywhere. Convert your gifts in to MyList Gift Cards to spend in any partner store you like. You get up to 1 year to spend your gift card contributions, that’s a whole lot of time to think!


Your online payments are 100% secure with us. My List uses SSL protocol to ensure all the data received is protected and secured. Pay online using your Visa, MasterCard and/or other credit cards in addition to PayPal.


MyList Thank You Manager tool makes it easier for you by automatically generating a list of who bought you what and when. Your guests will also receive a Thank You email from MyList on your behalf at the time of purchase. But don’t forget after your event to personally write a thank you note to each one of your guests , that, we cannot do for you.