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The 5 Top Winter Bridal Fashion Trends for 2014-2015

In collaboration with Arabia Weddings, offers you some tips and advice on how to select your wedding gown. Now that the New York Bridal Market 2014 is over, it is only normal that new bridal fashion trends have emerged. Bridal fashion trends for winter 2014/2015 are simply beautiful and timeless. Here are some trends that you will be seeing this winter:


#1 Colors: Pastel tones, pale golds and nudes finding are the hottest wedding dress colors for this winter.

Cropped Top

#2 Cropped Tops: For the younger and more daring brides, a crop top with a full tulle skirt is the hottest way to wear a wedding dress.

Open Back

#3 Open Backs: Dresses that are simple from the front but make a statement from the back are also trending this winter.


#4 Cutouts: Just like cropped tops, wedding dresses with cutouts add some sexiness to your bridal look.


#5 Variety of Sleeves: Whether it’s long sleeves, balloon sleeves, or semi-cut sleeves, this winter sleeves are very in.

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Contributed by Arabia Weddings